IBU International Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences (IJTNS)

ISSN 2671-3500 (print)
ISSN 2671-3519 (online)
Frequency of Publishing:
Two items per year (June and December)

IBU International Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences (IBU IJTNS) is a peer-review, open access academic journal and it is an official publication of the Faculty of engineering at the International Balkan University. IBU IJTNS is an international journal that accepts contributions of novel and original research and reviews in the field of technical and natural sciences. We believe that the proposed wide areas of themes act motivating for further research activities, at the same time encouraging the prospective collaboration among academics, researchers and industry. The authors are encouraged to select one of the areas listed below, but are not limited to:

Computer and communication engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Civil engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering,Protein engineering, Chemistry, Chemical and environmental engineering, Applied mathematics, Medical science, Education in engineering and natural sciences

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